About Us

14 years ago

We started in 2007 in the middle of the small town of Entwistle, with a hope and a dream, 1 shack, 20 tubes, a 12 passenger 1969 Ford Van with a trailer in the back and 2 employees. Taking 45 minutes to take people up to the drop off point and going to the pickup point.

The business grew.

Added a second van in 2009 and was able speed up for pickup and drop offs 60 tubes and 4 employees.2012 we purchased our first 20 passenger bus and added a rack on top to transport the tubes and had14 employees.

Moving to our current location

In 2014 were able to move the business to its permanent location at the drop off point and had 3 - 20passenger busses with transport racks on top to bring people back to their vehicles.

Rain, rain, go away.

2019 was a devastating year. We moved the structures to a new area to increase parking space and the compound. The rain starting June 16 causing the river to become dangerous, and not becoming safe again until July 29th . Having 33 employees all waiting for the rain to stop and the river to become safe.

Covid-19 Appears

2020 – COVID-19 - - - “Reservation Only” became the new normal for Pembina River Tubing. 14employees and starting in Mid-June. Fear gripped everyone and people were glad to get out to play for even a little while. What a difference a pandemic makes. Buses are now down to ½ capacity with sanitizing between each trip, and plastic between each seat.

Still going strong!

2021 – COVID Still Here – and so is “Reservation Only”. Hoping the world will not go crazy with everything that happened and people will want to be helpful, courteous and kind. Nothing will change from 2020.

Best thing in 2021 – New Website and the decision to keep “Reservations Now Available”.